Learn How to Break Free from Fear, Harness Your Creative Energy, and Do the Work You Love (While Staying Sane!)

These books are for you if you are:

• As a passionate creative, artist, or maker, you know you have a lot to offer, but this is a lonely road — you already have trouble believing in yourself and aren’t sure how to wrangle your fears, much less take the risks you need to take.

• If you’re anything like I used to be, you procrastinate endlessly and aren’t sure how to get out of your own way. You struggle with fear… not just fear of failure, but fear of success! You need reassurance that what you do is going to WORK… and that you’ll be able to manage everything that comes with it.

• As I’ve built my career as a highly successful creative over the past 30 years, I’ve learned a LOT… and I’m sharing all my knowledge and practical wisdom with you in this book bundle. You are not alone in this fight — and you CAN overcome the obstacles you’re facing to make a living doing the work you love. I’ll show you how!

What you will take away from:

Speed Bumps
31 Disciplines of Highly Successful Creatives

  • How to harness your creative energy to develop excellent work (and sell it!) while balancing your family and social life
  • How to use life’s biggest challenges, setbacks, and disappointments as “launching pads” for your best work
  • The keys to dismantling the fear and shame that hinder your personal and professional life so that you can embrace your unique gifts (and experience genuine satisfaction)
  • The secrets to creating amazing art, even when you don’t feel inspired
  • The path from survival to success to significance: what it takes to make a difference in the world and make your life count
  • The disciplines that unleash your talents, drive impact, and help you build a profitable business around the work you love

31 Disciplines of Highly Successful Creatives, Speed Bumps, and #FearHunters

“The 31 disciplines devotional was a game changer in my life. My wife and I went though the book in our morning time right before launching 2 new companies. It gave us the clarity and real life applications to steward our visions. I think what separates Noah’s books from others is the absence of fluff! There is actual tactics to apply that return immediate ROI. Whether you’re a creative or not the principles hold firm. Thank you Noah for giving away so many secrets. As both of our companies are thriving we can look back at everything we learned and applied from you. Thank you for not only writing this book but pioneering the “how tos” in launching and successfully managing real execution.”

Justin Black

Owner Justin Black Fitness & Morning Masters

About the Author

Noah Elias is a world-class airbrush artist and celebrated speaker who began selling art door-to-door on my bike when he was sixteen years old. Over thirty years, he built his business to the point where he was working with Disney, Universal Pictures, Microsoft, and other major brands. Now he helps other creatives sharpen their artistic skills, launch their businesses, move from success to significance, and create truly fulfilling, balanced lives.

Noah is the founder of Noah University and The Art School as well as the co-founder of The Master’s Program and Restore. Noah lives with his wife and two children in Orange County, California, where he coaches elite-level entrepreneurs and hosts art events at Disney’s Epcot Center.

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“31 Disciplines should be mandatory reading for every creative, maker, or impact-driven entrepreneur. It’s what you wish your business mentor would have told you about what it takes to leverage your unique genius and creativity to reach your full potential. Noah’s wisdom and candor are perfectly woven together to form an inspiring and practical guide to building a business and life you love.”

Erin Weidemann

Author & Founder of Truth Becomes Her

Will You Be the Next Creative, Maker, or Artist to Build a Successful Business?

When I was a young artist, I wish I’d had access to resources like these. I endured the twists and turns, the emotional highs and lows, and the professional victories and gaffes that accompany the process of building a creative business and meeting life’s daily demands. When I found balance and success, I had other entrepreneurs and artists asking me how I did it — and since then, I’ve been doing everything I could to pour into their lives and contribute to their success. This book bundle is the starter pack for your journey!

I want you to escape the fears and pains that almost completely derailed me — to learn these lessons quickly and find a way to impact the world with what you do. There’s only one YOU on this planet… and we need what you have to give! This book bundle is designed to help you overcome the obstacles that keep you from blessing others with your creative gifts and realizing your full potential. I’m rooting for you!

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